Q: How is freight calculated?

A: BRONROB has negotiated wholesale rates with several national carriers and another 2 specialist carriers for Sydney and for Tasmania. Using specialist software we calculate which carrier offers the cheapest alternative and pass on the discount in full to our customer. Customers may also make arrangements with their preferred freight company, or instruct us to deliver to a depot to further reduce cost.

Q: What are your terms of trade?

A: BRONROB extends credit to established customers for a period of 30 days from invoice. All invoices are due for payment in full within 30 days of dispatch and invoice, regardless of when goods were received by the customers. Payments can be made by cheque, electronic bank transfer or Credit Card. BRONROB reserves the right to place a fee of up to 3% on all credit card payments.

Q: What is your MOQ?

A: We have a very liberal policy, with no minimum dollar value for orders. The MOQ is based only on the number of items in a carton. For the majority of products this will be 4 individual items, though this varies from product to product, a maximum of 6 of some items and 1 or 2 of others. MOQ is clearly identified in the catalogue and on our website.

Q: Why are there occasionally product variances?

The majority of BRONROB products are both handmade and hand finished. As a result individual pieces may have minor variations in colour, size and construction. These variations are an intrinsic part of the style and character of the BRONROB merchandise and should not be viewed as flaws. Similarly, there may be some differences in size, shape and colour between one delivery and another. Requests for claim or credit will therefore not be recognised on the basis of these product variations.

Q: How do I protect metal items that will be outdoors?

Metal items that will be kept outdoors in the harsh Australian sun and rain will inevitably fade and rust. We advise our customers to protect metal items that are outdoors with a rust and colour protector, which are available at hardware stores. Products such as WD40 Specialist Rust Prevention Lanolin Lubricant, or Fluid Film, can be applied to reduce the effects of the harsh Australian elements, especially on moving parts such as the windspinners. A coat of clear polyurethane spray in matt or gloss finish can also be used to protect outdoor metal garden art.

Q: What do I do if an item arrives damaged?

A: At BRONROB we pride ourselves on customer service and do everything possible to ensure your goods are properly packed. However, should an item arrive damaged, please take a photo and send us an email requesting credit within 14 days of invoice. We will assess the damage and will arrange either a partial or full credit. We will send you a credit note to be deducted from the invoice, or in the event of pro forma payment, we will promptly refund the damage into your nominated bank account.

Q: Can I trust BRONROB to deliver on its promises?

A: As a new customer you may be concerned at being asked to make pro forma payment for goods and freight. What if the items don’t arrive, are poor quality or not as anticipated? BRONROB has been a leading wholesaler of Home & Garden products for many years. We know that success comes from building relationships, not one-off sales. Our customers are very important. Applying this principle we have established an excellent reputation and repeat custom. Call us to discuss if you have any questions.

Q: What do I do if I forget my password?

A: Click onto the log-in section and type your email address into the password re-set section. A new password will be automatically sent to you. If this doesn't work, please check your junk mail as the reset message may be sent there. If you are unsure what to do, please call us between 9am and 4pm weekdays for help.